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Video excerpts from some of the more than 20 exhibitions we’ve hosted.

Statement of Purpose:

Founded in 2007, Greylock Arts was an arts organization located in the Berkshires at the foot of Mount Greylock in the town of Adams, Massachusetts. With an emphasis on underrepresented forms of interactive and new media arts, Greylock Arts presents exhibitions and talks, develops educational programs, and fosters community involvement to facilitate a deeper public appreciation for emerging arts practice.


2010 – Exhibitions and Activities (January-December 2010, 7.5 MB)
2009 – Exhibitions and Activities (January-December 2009, 2.3MB)
2008 – Lumens (July 2008, 4.1MB)
2008 – Exhibitions and Activities (January-May / Sept.-December 2008, 4.9MB)
2007 – Exhibitions and Activities (July-December 2007, 3.3MB)


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93 Summer Street, Adams, Massachusetts 01220