Greylock Arts


Daniel Shiffman

Past Exhibit › Five

July 20th – September 2nd 2012
A celebration of our fifth anniversary bringing together artists from our nearly 25 exhibitions.

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Henry Klein

Past Exhibit › Henry Klein: Fervent

April 13th – May 26th 2012
A solo exhibition of paintings and other works reflecting an ardent interest in the natural world.

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Richard Harrington - Sculpture

Past Exhibit › Richard Harrington: Zero Sum

October 28 – December 10 2011
A solo exhibition of mathematically based sculptures.

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Cynthia Lawson Jaramillo: The Shops

Past Exhibit › Light. Space. Time: Cynthia Lawson Jaramillo and Ven Voisey

August 20th – October 1 2011
A two-person exhibition exploring the ephemeral.

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Poster for Everthing Must Go!

Past Exhibit › Everything Must Go!: Ephraim & Sadie Hatfield

June 23rd – August 21st 2011
An exploration of art and commerce through gift and barter economies.

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Past Exhibit › Works by Daniel Field

July 10th – August 13th 2011
Tractor School Line and Weapons of Mass Destruction Toy Set

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Past Exhibit › Greylock's Anatomy

March 11th – April 23rd 2011
A group exhibition exploring representation of the human form.

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Larry Alice Articulated - Figure seated on sofa

Past Exhibit › Larry Alice: Articulated

November 20th 2010 – January 15th 2011
A solo exhibition of anthropomorphized forms and articulated figures.

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Not For Sale, Ephraim & Sadie Hatfield

Past Exhibit › Not For Sale: Ephraim & Sadie Hatfield

July 29th – October 31 2010
An interactive storefront window installation by Ephraim & Sadie Hatfield.

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Past Exhibit › Patterns of Play

September 17th – October 30th 2010
A group exhibition of art that exudes playful energy in every direction.

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Birds by Martha Denmead Rose

Past Exhibit › Natural Selections

April 23rd – June 5th 2010
A group exhibition of artistic interventions and interpretations in and of the natural world.

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Past Exhibit › Arrested Time: Nathaniel Stern with Jessica Meuninck-Ganger

February 26th – April 3rd 2010
An exhibition of works combining contemporary technologies with traditional drawing and printmaking methods.

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Large Target #6

Past Exhibit › Target: Joan Carney with Kelly Gallagher

December 12th 2009 – January 30th 2010
A collaborative mixed media project.

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Past Exhibit › Relics of Futures Past

September 25th – November 7th 2009
A group exhibition of contemporary clothing, objects, and assemblages seen through the lens of another time.

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Photo © Kay Canavino Photography

Past Exhibit › Dan Rose: Secret Century

July 10th – August 29th 2009
A multi-location installation of art and artifacts from a time and place familiar, yet unknown.

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Past Exhibit › BArT: Created, Collected, Communicated

June 15th – June 28th 2009
An exhibition created by Berkshire Arts & Technology Charter Public School students exploring narratives through art.

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Andrew Schneider

Past Event › Storefront Artist Salon

May 23rd 2009
The May Artist Salon, held at Greylock Arts, featured a talk by Peter Dudek of the Storefront Artist Project, a Q&A session with the Bascom Lodge Group, and a performance by Andrew Schneider.

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Aphrodite Project: Platforms

Past Exhibit › Wearable Expressions

April 17th 2009 – May 30th 2009
A group exhibition of wearable art, accessories, and technology apparel exploring fashion as a means for individuals to dynamically express themselves.

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Windows 2.0

Past Exhibit › Windows 2.0

January 20th – March 18th 2009
A series of art installations in our storefront window displays.

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Main Hourly Comic Image

Web Exhibit › Trees and Hills Group: Hourly Comics Day 2/1/2008

January 10th 2009
A group exhibition of Hourly Comics created by the Trees and Hills Comics Group on February 1st 2008.

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Web Exhibit › .Comics

January 10th 2009
A group exhibition of web comics curated by John Seven.

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Past Event › Networked Realities: (Re)Connecting The Adamses

June 14th 2008 – March 2nd 2009
An interactive art and technology project that connects physical spaces in Adams and North Adams Massachusetts via the Internet.

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Past Exhibit › Lumens

July 10th – October 31st 2008
An interactive light installation (re)connecting personal artifacts, histories, & communities.

Online at

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Past Exhibit › Algorithmic Art

November 22nd 2008 – January 10th 2009
A group exhibition of art works that are mathematical, computational, or generative in nature.

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Past Exhibit › Being There: A Geocoded Landscape

May 22nd – June 28th 2008
A group exhibition of paintings, photographs, and other location based works by Berkshire artists all geocoded and mapped.

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Turbulence Home Page

Web Exhibit › Turbulent Works

March 7th 2008
A group exhibition of Net Art commissioned by New Radio and Performing Arts, Inc. for its Turbulence web site.

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still image from light garden

Past Exhibit › Todd Holoubek: Everybody Wins (Hoora!, Hoora!, Hoora!)

January 18th – February 29th 2008
An exhibition of light sculptures, whimsical puzzles, and mischievous interactive works.

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Stoneglow by Minsoo Lee, Rory Nugent and Gregory Stringer

Past Exhibit › LEDs Are Pretty

November 16th – December 28th 2007
A group exhibition of art celebrating the simple and ubiquitous light emitting diode.

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Past Exhibit › Sustainable Energy Art

September 14th – October 28th 2007
A group exhibition of alternative energy and energy aware musical instruments, jewelry, and more.

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Past Exhibit › North Adams Open Studios 2007

October 13th & 14th 2007, 12 – 5 p.m.
Greylock Arts is participating in North Adams Open Studios with selected works from our gallery.

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Past Exhibit › Gregory Shakar: MoodVectors

July 13th – August 25th 2007
An exhibition of interactive audio sculptures and expressive electronic art.

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