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Past Exhibit › Arrested Time: Nathaniel Stern with Jessica Meuninck-Ganger

An exhibition of works combining contemporary technologies with traditional drawing and printmaking methods.

Archived on April 3rd 2010.

Nathaniel Stern is an experimental installation and video artist, net.artist, printmaker and writer. He has produced and collaborated on projects ranging from interactive and immersive environments, networked art and multimedia physical theater performances, to digital printing and collage, stone lithography and slam poetry. He’s won many awards, fellowships, commissions and residencies between South Africa, America, and all over Europe. Nathaniel holds a design degree from Cornell University, studio-based Masters in art from the Interactive Telecommunications Program (NYU), and research PhD from Trinity College Dublin. He is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Art and Design at the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee.

Nathaniel has held solo exhibitions at the Johannesburg Art Gallery, the Johnson Museum of Art, the Museum of Wisconsin Art, the University of the Witwatersrand, and several commercial and experimental galleries throughout the US, South Africa and Ireland. His work has been shown at festivals, galleries and museums internationally, including the Venice Biennale, Sydney Museum of Contemporary Art, South African National Gallery, Kunsthalle Exnergasse, International Print Center New York, Milwaukee Art Museum, Modern and Contemporary Art Center (Hungary) and Grahamstown National Arts Festival (South Africa). Public collections include the Johannesburg Art Gallery, The Rose Goldsen Archive of New Media (Cornell University),, Contemporary Irish Art Society, and the Universities of South Africa (UNISA) and the Witwatersrand; he is in private collections all over the world. Recent features on Nathaniel’s work can be seen in the Leonardo Journal of Art, Science and Technology, Leonardo Electronic Almanac, NY Arts and Art South Africa magazines,,, the Wall Street Journal and the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

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Jessica Meuninck-Ganger currently teaches at the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee Peck School of the Arts. She has taught at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design and the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design. She received her MFA in Studio Arts from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design in 2004, and completed a Post Baccalaureate certificate with a Printmaking / Sculpture emphasis in 2002. Her artwork is a mix of personal journal, documentary, and impressionistic narrative that has developed out of her research and involvement with individuals dealing with brain trauma, dementia, and Alzheimer’s disease.

Curated by Jo-Anne Green.

Given Time (detail), 2010 Floating Worlds, 2009 At Sea 4, 2009 The Great Wave, 2009 The Multiple, 2009
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Exhibit Dates & Times:

February 26th – April 3rd 2010
Admission is free and open to the public.
Saturdays, 1:00 – 4:00 p.m.
Otherwise by appointment.

Opening Reception:

Due to the weather, the opening reception has been postponed to Saturday February 27th 2010, 5:30 – 8:30 p.m.

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Video of the opening reception.


93 Summer Street, Adams, MA 01220

Curator’s Statement:

Jo-Anne GreenArrested Time explores the juxtaposition of old and new media and illuminates the possibilities and limitations of both. The works hover between stasis and motion, texture and light, line and pixel, past and present, paper and screen, surface and depth, one artist and another: paying homage to Felix Gonzalez-Torres (Given Time) and – in the Distill Life series – Kiyonaga gwa (Floating Worlds); Utagawa Hiroshige (The Multiple); Katsushika Hokusai (The Great Wave); and Hiroshige, Claude Monet, and others (At Sea). Read More.

In The Storefront & Gallery:

Given Time
Given Time simultaneously activates and performs two permanently logged-in Second Life avatars, each forever and only seen by and through the other. They hover in mid-air, almost completely still, gazing into one another’s interface. Viewers encounter this networked partnership as a diptych of large-scale and facing video projections in a real world gallery, both exhibiting a live view of one avatar, as perceived by the other. To create a visceral aesthetic, these custom-designed and life-sized “bodies” are hand-drawn in subtly animated graphite and charcoal. The audience is invited to physically walk between them; they’re able to hear and see them breathing, witness their hair blowing in the wind, pick up faint sounds such as rushing water or birds crying out from the surrounding simulated environment. Here, an intimate exchange between dual, virtual bodies is transformed into a public meditation on human relationships, bodily mortality, and time’s inevitable flow.

Distill Life
In Distill Life, Nathaniel Stern and Jessica Meuninck-Ganger approach both old and new media as form. They permanently mount translucent prints and drawings directly on top of video screens, creating moving images on paper. They incorporate technologies and aesthetics from traditional printmaking – including woodblock, silk screen, etching, lithography, photogravure etc – with the technologies and aesthetics of contemporary digital, video and networked art, to explore images as multidimensional. Their juxtaposition of anachronistic and disparate methods, materials and content – print and video, paper and electronics, real and virtual – enables novel approaches to understanding each. The artists work with subject matter ranging from historical portraiture to current events, from artificial landscapes to socially awkward moments.

Video of Distill Life.


Special thanks to Bryan Cera and Jesse Egan.