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The May Artist Salon, produced by Greylock Arts and the Storefront Artist Project will be held at Greylock Arts Saturday May 23rd 2009, 6 – 8 p.m.

Archived on May 23rd 2009.

The Storefront Artist Salon is a monthly gathering of Berkshire County artists started by the Storefront Artist Project. The May Salon features a talk by the Bascom Lodge Group and a performance by Andrew Schneider.

John Dudek, Peter Dudek, and Brad Parsons discuss their plans for Bascom Lodge. There was a packed house for the salon. Andrew Schneider performs Wow and Flutter. Andrew Schneider performs Wow and Flutter. After, the crowd spilled out onto Summer Street.
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Andrew SchneiderThe salon features a performance by Andrew Schneider and his Experimental Devices for Performance. These wearable and handheld devices are used for media interaction in experimental performance. Being performer oriented, the devices make the connection between media and performer inseparable. The performer affects the media through the devices and the devices affect the performer. Together, they become the performance.

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Video of Andrew Schneider’s performance of Wow and Flutter.


Bascom LodgeAlso, John Dudek, Peter Dudek & Brad Parsons will talk about their plans for Bascom Lodge. Bascom Lodge is a rustic stone and wood lodge that was built on the summit of Mount Greylock by the Civilian Conservation Corps in the 1930’s to provide accommodations for hikers, vacationers, and nature enthusiasts. The Dudeks along with Parsons plan to renovate and re-open the lodge this summer.

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Video of the Bascom Lodge Group talk.

Storefront Artist ProjectPeter, the Director of the Storefront Artist Project will also talk about how the Storefront Project has been used as a model by other towns to help revitalize their downtowns.