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An exhibition created by Berkshire Arts & Technology Charter Public School students exploring narratives through art.

Archived on June 28th 2009.

The culmination of a visiting artist program supported by the Massachusetts Cultural Council and involving instructors Erica Tawes, JP Henkel, and Michael Arquilla as well as artists / writers David Lachman, Anika Nailah, Marianne R. Petit, and Matthew Belanger, BArT: Created, Collected, Communicated is a multi-media exhibition of student work from the Berkshire Arts & Technology Charter Public School. Included art works make use of digital and traditional media and explore the nature of personal memory, collective story telling, artifacts, and location. This webpage and supporting documentation also acts as a “virtual museum” for the exhibit.

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Exhibit Dates & Times:

June 15th – June 28th 2009
Admission is free and open to the public.
We will be open Sunday June 28th during the Summer Street Fair from 6 – 9: p.m.
Otherwise by appointment.

Opening Reception:

Monday June 15th 2009, 5:30 – 8:30 p.m.

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Video of the opening reception.


93 Summer Street, Adams, MA 01220

In The Storefront:

The Concert Tale by Andy
Andy is a man of many talents, one of them is sketching. Others include writing poetry and performing impersonations of people he finds amusing. In his spare time he sketches, writes, impersonates people and plays basketball. He also enjoys reading books and playing video games. Andy was born in North Adams in 1990. The Concert Tale, a series of drawings on paper, is based on a true story about an Aerosmith concert he went to. View Work

Confessions of A Teenage Girl by Crystal
Crystal is a seventeen year old from Pittsfield. She entered BArT as a ninth grader 3 years ago. Confessions of a Teenage Girl is an interactive narrative piece that exposes secrets that real girls have kept hidden. Crystal has collected anonymous confessions from girls at BArT and will hide them in a female mannequin. To figure out the secrets, viewers must explore the mannequin to find hidden pockets, invisible images, and secret messages. It reveals the emotions of the average teenage girl in Berkshire County and links them back to the rest of the world.

Crystal also has an online photography gallery/personal scrapbook. You can find it at:

In The Gallery:

Let’s Make Music by Allie
Music is Allie’s passion. Music can bring people together, and completely change a person’s mood. Music is everything, the beats, the sound of feet walking, the batting of eyelashes. Music is our world. Allie’s project combines random pictures, with different types of music. The music helps give the viewer a feeling of what the pictures mean or how the people in them felt at the time.

Graduating Class of 2010 by Britney
Britney’s project is the story of her future happiest moment, graduation day, as told by her in spoken word.

Audio Synesthesia by Kimi
Music plays a major factor in the lives of many. It elicits many different emotions, depending on the relations that one has between the music and that emotion. This project is a tangible example of the relationship between various bands and various emotions. I have asked people to tell me the specific emotions that they relate towards a band. I have constructed a visual representation of this data by placing a piece of string connecting both the band and their associated emotion. There is a reason music is so powerful, this project embodies that power.

Mal thumbnailHeld In (Don’t Say It Out Loud) by Mallorey
Mallorey is inspired by simple things. Her piece, which is in the form of an altered book, illustrates the unsaid thoughts of others using lyrics from popular songs. View Work

Matt thumbnailAbandoned by Matt
Matt’s project compiles pictures taken with his cell phone of abandoned places in Berkshire County. The images are manipulated in Adobe Photoshop and mapped using the Yahoo! Maps API so that these places may be visited by you, the viewer. View Work

The New Beginning by Michael
The New Beginning details Michael’s experience at BArT in pictures.

What’s Their Flavor? by Sarah
Sarah was born in New Orleans in 1992. She became engrossed in computers, video games, and Japanese animation from a young age. After Hurricane Katrina, she moved to Berkshire County. Sarah combines her many interests to produce What’s Their Flavor?. The project, fashioned like a confessional booth, allows participants to go in and write a story about someone in their life. The participant can also illustrate their respect, or lack thereof, for the other person by assigning respect points. Respect points will be reflected by their choice of fruit, available within the booth. Sarah’s idea for “respect points” came from the video game Final Fantasy X-2.

These Are My Eyes by Zoe
In a world where everything is automated and pixelated and under control, the search for one’s identity is more of a drive to Burger King then a trek to the Holy Land. I refuse to buy into this mentality. I needed to find a way to make sense of the world that I live in. I found it in a chunky little Polaroid Sun camera. Over the course of several months, I captured 100 different images that, in retrospect, define my life. These Are My Eyes.


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