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Past Exhibit › Todd Holoubek: Everybody Wins (Hoora!, Hoora!, Hoora!)

An exhibition of light sculptures, whimsical puzzles, and mischievous interactive works.

Archived on February 29 2008.

Todd Holoubek is an interactive artist and inventor. Raised on a farm in Ixonia Wisconsin and now currently residing in Manhattan, Holoubek’s work draws upon his eclectic background which includes: construction, retailing, interactive design and computer programming, a successful career in theater and television as one of the founding members of MTV’s The State, and university teaching. As a result, viewers participating in his installations encounter beautiful light sculptures, whimsical puzzles, and mischievous interactive works examining the bridge between humans and technology.

We are pleased to present the first survey of the artist’s work in an exhibition entitled “Everybody Wins (Hoora!, Hoora!, Hoora!)”.

For more information about the artist visit Todd Holoubek’s website at

Curated by Marianne R. Petit & Matthew Belanger.

Light Garden Fibonacci Pole Meat Clock Affirmation Machine Everybody Wins (Hoora!, Hoora!, Hoora!)
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In The Exhibit:

Affirmation MachineAffirmation Machine
The affirmation machine is a modern technical marvel circa 1896, conceived and produced by a Fredrico Albertina in a small village outside what is now known as Paris. With the press of a button,
the lid’s hypnowheel rotates and a sirens’ song of affirmation arises from the wooden box.

Car Seats
Car Seats is an installation of four car seats. The work began when the actual seats from Holoubek’s parked car were stolen. Here the artist has attached large rubber wheels directly to them, thus liberating them from their attachment to the car as mode of transportation. Individuals are encouraged to sit and scoot around as if they were in a one person car.

Everybody Wins (Hoora!, Hoora!, Hoora!)
Everbody Wins (Hoora!, Hoora!, Hoora!) is an experiment in applying generative methods of creating art through the use of tiling, symmetry, and simple compositional rules. The result is a fifteen piece tile game where the lines stay continuous regardless of where a tile is moved. All we have to do is play.

Fibonacci PoleFibonacci Pole
This work uses the tragically overused Fibonacci Number System to generate both the form of the piece as well as the timing of the lights. Lights are spaced according the first few digits of the number system and cross fade according to the same set. The result is a sequence of bouncing light.

Light GardenLight Garden
The Light Garden is inspired by the magnificent gardens of the artist’s childhood filled with pumpkins, raspberries, peas, tomatoes, and peppers. Here, healthy soil is replaced with light to recreate the constant vibrant change of color as you work in the garden.

Meat ClockMeat Clocks
A series of three analog wall clocks overlaying familiar clock numbers with structures mapping U.S. and British cuts of beef as well as sacred Hindu portions of the cow. The clocks represent time in New York, London, and New Delhi. By remapping units of time to cuts of beef the artist plays with our cultural sense of what time means.

Saddest Light
Sometimes everybody feels this way.

Self-Portrait: If I Were A Japanese Fighting Robot (Gundam)
Made of rescued electronic junk parts, the small robot, complete with smiley-faced ping-pong ball head, beckons you to him though rapidly changing colors and attention chirping sounds. As you approach, the robot grows shy.

Sun Mural
A 12’ x 12’ mosaic comprised of ink-jet prints of the first image Holoubek ever downloaded from the internet. Here, the artist has divided the image into a grid and suspended the prints from wire lines strung across a wood frame. Lit from behind, the result is no longer just a found clip-art image, but a sacred symbol of the early days of the net, ready to be worshiped as a sun god.

Three Watercolors (Revolution, Three Gentlemen, and Window)
Here Holoubek decided to abandon digital photography and chose to document his travels to Cuba through watercolor paintings. The three paintings, Revolution, The Three Gentlemen, and Window were painted in various locations throughout Havana. The paintings are accompanied by five minutes of ambient sound recorded from a balcony in Habana Centro.

Exhibit Dates & Times:

January 18th – February 29th 2008
Open Saturdays 1 – 4 p.m. and by appointment.
Appointments can be made by phone or email.

Opening Reception:

Friday January 18th 2008, 5:30 – 8:30 p.m.

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93 Summer Street, Adams, MA 01220


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