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In Nature

It was the Berkshires unique confluence of arts and nature that brought Marianne and I to this area 3 years ago. Unfortunately, we’ve been so busy we haven’t had much chance to enjoy our natural surroundings. Yesterday we went on a beautiful hike through Clarksburg State Forest with 4 of our favorite people, John Seven, Jana Christy, Laura Christensen, and Greg Scheckler. John and Jana are a fabulous writer / illustrator super duo. Laura and Greg, pictured above, are 2 of our favorite local artists. Laura’s work was featured in the past exhibit Relics of Futures Past. Greg is Associate Professor of Visual Art at Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts. He is also one of the talented artists we’re working with on our next exhibit, which explores artistic collaborations and explorations into the natural world. Yesterday’s hike was a great way to get fired up about our upcoming show. Natural Selections opens Friday April 23rd 2010, 5:30 – 8:30 p.m.

- Matt

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