Greylock Arts

Not For Sale Opening Event

Thanks to everyone who participated in Thursday evening’s opening event for Ephraim & Sadie Hatfield‘s Not For Sale. Anyone who missed the opening still has time to stop by and call in. The installation will be up through the end of October. And be sure to check out the video above.

We’d also like to send out a special thanks to the many people who helped along the way: Tim Alibozek, Larry Alice, John & Carol Baer, Andrea Barrett, Keith Bona, Martina Caruso, Christian Cerrito, Michael Chapman, Jana Christy, Peter Dudek, Valeria Federici, Jill Gilbreth, Barry Goldstein, Tom Igoe, Maria Mazzocco, Lisa Nilsson, Dan O’Sullivan, Rich Remsberg, John Schimmel, Jonathan Secor, John Seven, Diane Sullivan, Sandra Thomas, Shawn Van Every, and Ven Voisey.

And thanks to the following local merchants: Fred at Berkshire County Network, Mary Ann at Doran Carpet Center, Bob at Fastenal, Jeff at Verizon, and everyone at Aubuchon Hardware, Greenburg’s, KMS Signs, Radio Shack, Samford & Kid, and Stanley’s Lumber.

- Matt & Marianne