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A series of art installations in our storefront window displays.

Archived on April 15 2009.

The window displays at 93 Summer Street in Adams, once a showcase of fine clothing and other goods, will now feature the works of local artists on a revolving basis from January 19 through April 15 2009.

Curated by Marianne R. Petit & Matthew Belanger.

February 18 – March 18 2009:

Waves by Henry Klein
“Waves are the art I make, a form that can ripple through objects and images.” — Henry Klein
The wave has previously been the focus of Klein’s work and he is currently revisiting this form as a result of a collaboration with collage artists at MCLA Gallery51’s “Woodshed II” event. These large-scale collage waves are formed from found materials, exploring not only the overall pattern of the wave, but the manner through which the wave reacts with the original object.

January 20 – February 17 2009:

R.I.P. NTSCR.I.P. NTSC by Ephraim & Sadie Hatfield
On February 17, 2009 analog television broadcast in North America, otherwise known as NTSC, will cease. The significance of this event is commemorated by the multimedia art duo Sadie and Ephraim Hatfield in an installation utilizing video collage. A live digital broadcast is mixed randomly with hundreds of clips from past analog broadcasts as well as clips of the artists’ creation and presented on a Sony Trinitron, the very symbol of the analog television era. Watch an Excerpt

geistulatorGeistulator Ephraim & Sadie Hatfield
From Videodrome’s programing that permanently altered your mind to The Ring’s foretelling of your death within a week, Hollywood has always had an obsession with the television as a portal to evil. In Geistulator, Ephraim & Sadie Hatfield repeatedly processed the film Poltergeist in its entirety through a series of analog video synthesizers, switchers, and keyers. In the version exhibited here at Greylock Arts, the film’s intense soundtrack acts as a specter upon the visual content with audio modulation triggering video wobulation. Watch an Excerpt


93 Summer Street, Adams, MA 01220