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The Tractor School Line and Weapons of Mass Destruction Toy Set

Archived on August 13 2011.

Greylock Arts is pleased to present the sculptural work of “outsider folk artist” Daniel Field, or as he humorously calls himself, “the junk picker, fabricator, all around lazy guy.” On display in the windows, the exhibit includes Field’s three-part piece “Weapons of Mass Destruction Toy Set” (with a credit to Paige Carter and Associates for providing parts of tin) which includes a scud missile launcher, as well as a tin mobile biological weapons unit and chemical weapons. In addition, the exhibit also features a piece from Field’s tractor school line, or as his one sentence manifesto describes, “The personal pursuit of toy making in the tradition and aesthetic of rural American tractor building.”

Field’s work consists of found metal. He first got his fill of picking scrap during his younger years along the Mystic River of Boston. At this time he developed a theme, seen in the metal sculptures included in this exhibition, tractors. His interest in auto-motives and metal is simple, Field says, “I’m a motor-head, always into wheels.”

For Field, this exhibit is closing the circle where, in the beginnings of his craft, he experienced his first successful sale at the “Toys Designed by Artists” show at the Arkansas Arts Center in Little Rock. Now Matthew Belanger, a native of Arkansas, along with Marianne Petit are hosting Field’s work at Greylock Arts. Field’s work will be on display through August 7, 2011.

- Fay Bartow, Guest Curator

Exhibit Dates & Times:

July 10th – August 13th 2011


93 Summer Street, Adams, MA 01220