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Neck Adding

Pictures of clothes, which are displayed by mannequins, hide the neck of the cloths. We remove the mannequins and add neck to the images. View Details

Ghost Mannequin

Pictures of clothes, which are displayed by mannequins, hide the neck of the cloths. We remove the mannequins and add neck to the images. View Details

Clipping Path

Best price and 100% satisfaction guarantee for high quality clipping path, remove background from image, drop shadow, retouching, image optimization for web. View Details

Color Correction

If you have different color variations of the same product but do not want to take photos of each one of them? We can change the color and size of the same product.View Details

Web-Ready Images

We can fulfill the image size requirements for any ecommerce platform like Amazon, eBay, Shopify, bigcommerce, volusion, squarespace etc. View Details


We offer a whole range of product & beauty retouching services starting form skin retouch to background modification of the portraits. View Details

About NeckJointServices™

Our talented photo editors provide professional NeckJointServices™ to magazine publishers and fashion websites who are looking for ghost mannequin images. The art of removing the image of a mannequin from the photo and adding the side and back of the fabric to the photo is just one part of the artistic photo editing services that our artists provide to our customers. With many years of experience cropping, retouching, changing and enhancing photos our services will far surpass your expectations. We provide round the clock service, customized packaging, and excellent communication with our customers to ensure their every need is met.

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When consumers purchase something online, they want to be able to see the entire item. In particular cloths hanging on a mannequin give the clothing item form and shape similar to being warn by a real person. However, the mannequin obscures the inside of the clothing item. Customers want to be able to see the inside collar, the color and fabric texture of the inside of the jacket or blouse. Neck Joint Service is the art of removing the image of the mannequin on the photograph and replacing these areas with realistic image material of the clothing item. Call or send us an email for additional information.

Photoshop Service includes a number of editing services and image correction techniques that may be required by our customers. Not every photo will need the same correction work since the original image will be taken under various conditions. Some will require color correction while others may just need retouching of the image to make it more crisp. Clipping Path editing service includes removing the background of the image to provide an image with just the main subject in focus with all background removed. Cropping and resizing of images are also included. If you need bulk Photoshop work to be completed, we can handle that easily with our well trained staff. Call or email us today with your requirements to obtain a competitive quote. • Save the image in PSD format.

If you need to remove background image material from around the central image in your photo, clipping path services are what you need. Clipping path techniques involve using what amounts to an electronic pen to trace around the image that you want to keep. Once the trace is complete, the area around the image is removed leaving the portion of the image you want to keep for later use. If you need multiple images edited in this manner or just one, call or email us today to request a quote. Our team is available on a 24/7 basis to meet your deadlines.

Every photo can be retouched and improved in some manner. Retouching services can involve the removal of artifacts that creep into a picture from unwanted lighting conditions and even items that go unnoticed when the original picture was taken. Retouching can adjust artifacts, changing color and light tones, appearance and overall quality. Every photo is different and retouching of each photo will be unique and tailored to your needs. Let us know about your requirements and we will provide you with a quotation regarding the cost and the time it will take to complete the work. Call us or email us today.

Many customers are amazed at what our color correction experts can actually accomplish. Color correction involves adjusting contrast, color saturation, image sharpness, adding color to black and white images, changing color images to black and white images and much more. If you have an image that is not quite what you are looking for from a color perspective why not ask us about what we can do to improve it. Our experts can often surprise our customers with what can be accomplished at reasonable prices and short delivery timelines. Contact us today for a quotation, price and delivery time frame.

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Yes. We can process 1 to 3(max) images for your review according to your instructions. If you like our work and price quote you can go ahead and place order with us.
Yes but only when you have multiple pictures to process and before that you have to guarantee the order you want to check the standard by having one or two pictures done, please do let us know.
We have appointed highly skilled DTP professionals and our customers hardly find any such issue with their pictures. Even if this happens that you are not satisfied with our work. You can simply mail us and we will review it immediately straightaway and do our best to correct it in record time and this will not incur in ANY extra costs for you.
There is a minimum price of $10 USD per order. But even if no matter how many pictures you need processed, whether it would be 1 or 1,000 we will happily do that for you. Because small businesses is as important as a big one.
Yes with full surety as all our personal has signed an agreement of non-disclosure where they obligate themselves to not to take any picture or image out of the organization or use it for any other purposes than for the job one requires. Our whole equipment is also protected by firewall for the purpose of inbound and outbound security and we also use the latest anti-virus to protect our computers from any threats.

In the garment industry, accurate, clear and detailed images of the clothing being portrayed is of the utmost importance. No one really wants to focus on the mannequin supporting clothing apparel and that is where Neck Joint Service adds customer value to the image. Skilled technicians in the art of providing neck joint services remove the portion of the image displaying the mannequin and replace it with what you would see if the mannequin was a ghost image.

This might include the inside back of the garment at the neck line and also the shoulder areas. Several images can be blended to provide a complete image of a garment as if the garment is suspended in mid air by a ghost mannequin. These detail images add value to the image and the website, magazine and apparel marketing material to provide the end customer with a more realistic view of the garment. The customer can view every aspect of the image and the garment prior to making a purchase decision.

Our technician’s are available to provide this service around the clock. They can provide photo editing, retouching and photo enhancement to meet your needs. Our skills have been honed over years of providing these services and will reduce your turn around time significantly.

Neck Joint Service is not only limited to preparing photos with ghost mannequins. Removing the background from images, enhancing the photo to accurately bring out the garments true color and detail is also part of the neck joint service we provide.


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