We have a team available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
The file format usually depends on the requirements. Our preference is to work with jpeg image file formats, however for advanced techniques such as masking for example we also offer PNG, PSD or TIFF file formats. If the customer has a specific file format they prefer, we can work with that as well.
If you would like to confirm our services and have a large number of images to be edited, we can certainly discuss a free trial image job.
The time to complete a job will depend on the quantity of images and the type of editing that is needed on each image. Once we understand the requirements, we will send a free quote and indicate a turnaround time to complete the task. We usually complete jobs in 24 hours, however larger jobs with complex editing may take longer. As mentioned your free quote will indicate a planned completion time.
The following file formats are typically the most common: JPG, TIFF, RAW and EPS. We work with these and can usually accommodate other less common file formats.
Every account has its own username and password. Customers should set strong passwords and only make them available to those that need to know.
There really is not a file size limit. The only limitation is what transfer system is used. Most online file uploaders are limited to 10MB. Files larger than 10MB’s typically would then be transferred using an FTP system.
All customer orders receive the same attention regardless of size. The minimum charge for an order is $5.99 for each order.
We protect our customer’s images in a number of ways. First our systems are protected by the latest anti virus software; Second, we have installed a secure firewall to manage all in bound and out bound transfers; Third, our staff is aware that images are only to be used for the particular client they are assigned to and: fourth we guarantee our customers complete discretion and privacy.
We ask customers to let us know what the issue might be and we will edit the image to your satisfaction without any charge. Our customers are highly satisfied and our technicians deliver the highest quality work. However occasionally small edits may be required and they will be completed without charge.
We accept payment from PayPal, credit card, debit card and wire transfers. We are reviewing other payment methods and will update our payment terms from time to time.
Payment terms can be set up in conjunction with the type of project we are working on prolonged work or continuing work can be paid on a weekly or monthly basis. Customers can review the completed work prior to payment as well.
All images are erased once a projects is completed, accepted by the customer and payment processed. We will never use images without our customer’s consent.
Our employees are based in Asia. Labour rates are lower in Asia than they are in North America or many parts of Europe. We also have professionals who are well trained providing high quality work.
Through a combination of highly trained technicians and the latest state of the art software we can guarantee our work. Every image is checked three times before it is submitted to the customer.
Contact us today to discuss your needs. One of our team members will walk you through the process and answer all of your questions including on how to get started.